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Chairman Message

Ashok Jain

At ICFE, we are passionate about our mission and the role we play in transforming our students' lives, our communities, and the broader world. As an institute of the community, we serve a variety of important roles, including continuing education, occupational preparation, business and industry training, and personal enrichment-each of which we believe is critical in supporting our community and developing a strong and resilient workforce and populace.

In doing this work, we are committed to partnering with the individuals, organizations, and institutions in our community, to ensure that we remain accessible and provide a clear pathway to higher education for our increasingly diverse and underserved populations.

At the center of our mission is the success of our students. We believe that this success is about more than just "the numbers," public accountability, and meeting or exceeding benchmarks.
It's about people-transforming their lives, and helping them to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that can, in turn, transform their families and their broader communities.

In fulfilling this mission, we are committed to sustaining rigor in our work-holding high standards and expectations for both our students and for ourselves, and approaching our work with compassion-working with integrity and caring, accepting people where they are and moving them forward without sacrificing standards or expectations.

Welcome to ICFE - a company dedicated to advanced learning, personal and community development, and the transformation of lives.