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ICFE Franchise

ICFE - A Rise India Group Company is one of India's fastest growing Education and training brand. We have presence in all four regions of India and are looking for local & regional partners who are interested in long term venture with medium risk and consistent gains that improve year on year.
When you approach us to become a ICFE individual / Master franchise, a detailed exercise will be conducted to help you understand the break-even / profit period, the working capital requirements, the ROI and other ratios and analysis that would help you take an informed decision on the business.

Franchise Support & Process


A. Training Support:

  • ICFE organizes three induction programs for new Business Partners and their staff.
  • ICFE undertakes Faculty and Counselor training and certification as per ICFE delivery guidelines
  • ICFE hosts sales and marketing training periodically.
  • ICFE conducts ongoing training to Business Partner team on new launched products

B. Systems Support:

  • ICFE designs the admission process on monthly / Quarterly basis.
  • ICFE conducts online / offline examinations for students.
  • ICFE offers a special data management system for maintaining student records like Enquires, walk-in, admission, fee etc. and managing center operations.

C. Marketing and Advertising Support:

  • ICFE rolls out yearly marketing and advertising initiatives at a national level.
  • For region/city -specific advertising, ICFE provides aid to Business Partners, which is subject to a minimal charge.
  • ICFE offers new Business Partners an initial start-up kit containing product brochures, promotional material, center indoor branding, which is free of cost.


A. Eligibility

  • Minimum Educational Qualifications:
  • The candidate should be a graduate in any discipline.
  • The individual should possess the abilities to invest initially to set-up the center and have minimum three month operating expenses in hand.
  • Financial Qualifications:

B. Business Experience and Skills:

The individual should:

  • Possess 1-3 years of experience in any functional area, preferably at the middle management level.
  • Be a first-time entrepreneur.
  • Be self-employed in business.

D. Geographical Knowledge:

  • The candidate should have complete knowledge of the regional / local market.
  • The candidate should have all details of his / her nearby school , college

E. Process

  • Fill-up the Online Enquiry Form (Available on Right side of the screen) and submit.
  • ICFE team will get in touch with you and guide you about the complete process.
  • You may also send your complete detail on : franchise@icfeindia.com