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Master Franchise Profile

Profile of our Master Franchise Business Partner:

  • Preferably graduate with some professional qualification.
  • Ambition to build a large profitable business.
  • Good managerial and administrative skills; preferably 2-3 years in service sector.
  • Adequate knowledge of computers with understanding of education business.
  • Financial ability to invest in infrastructure, people and marketing.
  • Integrity and loyalty with inculcated business ethics and discipline.
  • Passion to educate, motivate & guide students.
  • Strong will and determination to help shape the future of many young and aspiring individuals.
  • Commitment to quality education and quality services.
  • Fair, ethical with business acumen.
  • Secrecy of operations.
  • Thorough professional: A professional work ethic, attitude and principles are a must. Whether or not you have past experience as a business owner, you need to be able to think and function like one. A meticulous manner, responsible decision making capabilities and continued enthusiasm will draw prospective franchisees to join the network via your ICFE Master Franchise office.
  • Confident and focused:A shaky mindset will not win the vote of confidence from prospects that you aim to enrol. With your firm belief in the ability to grow and prosper with ICFE, you will naturally communicate and relay this confidence into others; growing your business and theirs!
  • Good communicator: As a ICFE Master Franchisee, your daily activities will involve competing with other franchise brands, answering questions from potential franchisees and selecting the right candidates to award franchise licenses in your region. As such, being a good judge of people and having strong communication skills are mandatory for a ICFE Master Franchisee.
  • A tireless promoter: A tough economy and the increased exodus from the corporate world are driving franchisors to innovatively lure high calibre franchisees. Prospects are well-informed and hard-nosed in their evaluation of various franchise options available to them. Your success as a ICFE Master Franchisee lies in remaining steadfast and carrying on your franchise promotions regardless.
  • A dedicated learner and resourceful teacher: Your commitment to ongoing self-education will go a long way towards your growth and profitability. Not only must you keep learning new things, you will also be required to support new franchisees, and offer them guidance and direction from ICFE best practices.
  • Financially stable: ICFE looks for Master Franchisees with the long-term commitment to operate and grow their business significantly. We aim to determine whether or not you are financially stable and can make a business successful.